I had the pleasure of making Tova's acquaintance some months ago and I could instantly tell that she  was an uncompromisingly passionate artist that had a lot to say and would stop at nothing to say it. At the time I had only known her to be a filmmaker but upon further inspection I  learned shortly after that her artistry expanded far past that.
Tova Beck-Friedman is indeed a visionary in the world of film, photography and sculpture alike. That said Tova's documentary RED FATHER has been making its way into the minds and hearts of all who have the opportunity to witness it for themselves.  

Thought-provoking and nuanced, Tova Beck-Friedman’s documentary Red Father offers a fascinating look at a politically turbulent era, and offers the viewer a close look at the legacy of a father’s impact on his family. In the documentary, “Red Diaper Baby”, Janet Ades scrutinizes her father’s Communist legacy. She admires the father who confronted legal racism, fought fascism in Spain and was repeatedly blacklisted. Nonetheless, she does not spare her criticism of the Communist Party’s conduct.

“Red Father” centers on the life and work of Bernard Ades who as a young lawyer in the 1930s worked for the International Labor Defense of the Communist party and gained notoriety defending African Americans in capital cases. The case that brought him the most publicity was that of Ewel Lee in which Ades fought an all-white judicial system in Maryland. The result of the case expanded the definition of “jury of peers” to include African American men in jury pools.


Film Synopsis

Red Father is the story of the rise and fall of Bernard Ades told by his daughter it is the story of a Communist layer.  From fighting for civil rights at home in the 1930’s and against fascism in Spain, to the dark days of the blacklist that ended his stellar career.

To learn more about Tova Beck-Friedman and her bold artistry visit her website at

Thanks to you TOVA BECK-FRIEDMAN for showing us all what it means to DREAM with your eyes wide open!!

All the best to you and all you artistically do,


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